carrevert “I just received the feedback from the client about the […] project. The overall feedback was very positive!” Julie L., SGS Documentation Services, juillet 2013

carrevert “Gaëlle always responds quickly to e-mails and is willing to squeeze in urgent jobs, her work is very thorough and she’s never missed a deadline.” Imke Z., Translatissimo, septembre 2013

carrevert “I have worked with Gaëlle on several translation projects over the past three years, both as a project manager and as a translator myself. I have experienced Gaëlle to be a reliable supplier, an accurate translator and in general a very nice person to work with. She quickly responded to e-mails, delivered her services always on time, and always with the highest quality. I very much hope to work with her again on translation projects in the near future!” Patricia Roh, Kiwitext, juillet 2014